Doll Arrival: LUTS Kid Delf

For so many years (well, around 5-6 years), I have always wanted a BJD of my own, and, finally, last July 28, I was able to order one from LUTS. It was my first time ordering something from an overseas company, and a costly item to boot, that I was kind of nervous and went back and forth before, finally, deciding to go with the purchase. It was very nerve-wrecking, but, I think it was worth it in the end.

Anyway, I ordered a Kid Delf Jamong Human Ver. from there Moonlit Song series, and a pair of sneakers and a dress for her. I ordered her in Normal Skin, with face-up included, though, I didn’t buy her stock outfit, seeing as I didn’t see any need for it, nor do I really see it as something as my doll would frequently wear, so yeah.

From July 28, the waiting started, and, on September 12, I finally asked them about the status of my order. They told me that it’d probably take till the end of October till they would be able to ship my order.

However, on September 23, I received an email from them containing my tracking number. My package was being shipped already.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.47.12 PM

Here’s a photo of my package’s journey from Korea to the Philippines. c:

I received the EMS claiming card on September 28, although, I think even without the claiming card, you can already get your package in customs, provided that you have a copy of your tracking number (I also brought a copy of the photo shown above stating that the package has already been brought to customs). I tried to get the package on the 27th, although, because it was Saturday, apparently, there weren’t any examiners around, so they couldn’t release the package.


I wasn’t able to take a photo of the back part. But, on the back’s a list of the things you have to bring there if you’re going to claim it yourself, and on the case that you would have someone else claim it for you.


Anyway, my mom was the one who claimed my package for me, seeing as I had classes on Mondays and I couldn’t get away without skipping any of them. Shown above is the receipt from Customs (Pasay Post Office). I wasn’t charged with a huge tax, so I have to say that I’m quite happy. xD


Nila all covered in bubble wrap.


Her face was really well protected.


Free summer event head! My first floating head, haha. I’ll probably try to send him off for a face-up soon or something. Maybe attempt to paint him myself??? Prooobably not. xD


Nila, all dressed up!

Anyway, that’s it for now. Haha, it’s been a year and almost a month since I’ve last posted here. I’ll try to be more active. xD