Daily Prompt: Toy Story

Though I might already be considered as an adult, well, a young adult at that, for some reason, I have never really grown out of my fascination for toys. As a child, my mother would, most of the time, buy me dolls and other such toys that I like. I used to have a lot of Barbies, and, I also had board games, card games, and other electronic gadgets like the Nintendo GameBoy, SP, DS. However, fast forward to, well, now, I find that I still enjoy playing with dolls. Well, I do like giving them their own personalities and whatnot, and they’re really good subjects to take photos of.


These are two of my dolls. I still buy Barbie stuff though, but, I only buy barbie clothes.


Most of the time, when I’m at a loss of what to do, or if I have enough of studying, I end up just taking photos of them instead.


I don’t think that I’ll stop ‘playing’ with dolls anytime soon. In fact, I’ll probably end up with more dolls in the near future. Well, speaking of toys, I still have some Nendoroids on the way, and even a 1/8 figure. So.. Up till now, toys are something that excites me, and though it sounds somewhat idiotic, for me, it makes life worth living, at least in its own way.

This is my answer to Daily Prompt: Toy Story.


A Heavy Sigh of Relief



Well, I suppose this is going to be my first ~legit~ post, and the only thing that I really want to say is that.. Well, my hard work studying for my last exam for my Introduction to Philosophy course paid off. I got a good mark for the subject, and finally, I’m a dean’s lister this term. Not first, but, at least it’s something!



Next term, which starts tomorrow for us, I’m going to try and aim higher. I have to admit, I had such promises before as well, but I never seem to get around to actually achieving ‘better’ grades, seeing as I keep on fooling around watching anime and such. Hm. The internet really is a double-edged sword. Well. Time to work harder! ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ